by dschapman

“to keep things from getting boring, one day i started a moth collection. the bastards would flit around my bathroom. i would catch them and kill them with a needle through the middle. i pinned them to the sweet thing reprise. it became a cutout collection. when i was feeling mischievious i’d view it through a viewfinder. it was a pleasant enough experience. like dining on red beans and rice (i love you once i love you twice i love you more than   ) with a family member in dirty flannel.

framed like a movie. printed like a chandler & price pilot press. super like 8mm.”

I rip the pages from their binding, ball them up and throw them to the fireplace. I regret it and I fall to my knees to save them. But they are gone…

The advice that I’ve dispensed – if only I could take it all back – what was it I said about money, what was it I said about love… what was it I said about art? Art is wonderful, yes, we know that. Art is something beautiful, well, I couldn’t say. Art is the manipulation of universal aesthetics, or; art is the aesthetic artifact. What is the aesthetic – a worldview. I don’t know about all this. But art cannot be something that you do; it would never happen if it were.