Open Plead

by dschapman

Please, give me hope, for I am hopeless! I need you, I want you, I can taste  you at night, in my dreams in the morning, I can feel you close beside me, I can hear you in the air around me; I need something good, something wholesome, I need encouragement, I need meaning, I need inspiration, condemnations, a cardinal glory, original sins, I am a tree and I need water, I am a dog and I need murder, a scholarship, a tanking expectation, instant damnation, please, give it to me, give me all that I need, or at least give me something – In the north, in the south, in the west, underwater – propel me, console me, send me reeling skywards, stuff me full and beat me dry, cull me for my golden veins, exonerate me, exorcise my demons, warm my cold cold hands inside you, flatten the grass in the grassland before me, force my hand for me, my fate for me, show me money, give me money, take me screaming, kick me, screaming, while I yawn, and send me away, walk me off to the edge of existence and abandon me. Please, just indulge me – save me, be my savior, pray for me, bind to me, whip me out of mercy – cut me open, see me writhe! Wrap me in wool when I”m shivering, milk me my fruit when I need to be milked, cultivate me, invest in me, ride me through a winding canyon, sail with me into the sea – remind me why I’m feeling this, just what it is I’m feeling – remind me why we’re here. Please, keep me breathing, prop me up, give a shoulder, dress me up when I’m nude, dress me down when I’m not; teach me how to glisten, how to be beautiful, teach me my face full of scars, teach me listening, teach me dreaming, teach me murder, like a lamb – fool in folly, star in heat – tranquilize me – stiffen me – give me strength – make me drink – see me aching – kiss my lips and watch me die!