Symbolic Ontological Numerology (Descriptivist Theory of Being)

by dschapman

0 and 1 are the structure/form/schema of the first-order universe (all that is the case).

0 and 1 are interpretative symbols of a computational process. The universe is computational.

0 and 1 are indivisible, relational, and infinitely extendable.

0 is is-not/other-than/absence/not-P. 1 is is/self/presence/P.

Existence is dichotomy/duality/distinction, and the universe is real only in terms of dichotomy/duality/distinction.

and is the indivisible description of all that is the case, and could be. It is the relationship of totality.

is a metaphysical representation of the second-order reality of humanity.

is the conceptual construct of thought/logic/theory/meta/doubt.

is philosophy, art, humanity, beauty, ignorance, and confusion.

In a numerological schemata of the existence and organization of the universe, meta-reality is a transgression of the necessarily binary code of existence. This secondary existence (2) is a conceptual system of certainties and uncertainties. It is a result of the progressive qualities of binary coding.

The essence of the second-order precludes all successive orders. Once the meta position has been realized, it entails an infinite symbolic and sceptical organization of the universe downwards; third-order, fourth-order. Thus there is only 2 – 3, 4, 5, and ∞ are extensions of 2 and therefore divisible into itself.

0, 1, and are the symbols which describe everything, and in which everything is describable. Nothing else exists.