General Electric Theater

by dschapman

(music) – The United States Steel Hour presents the world radio premiere of Tennessee Williams’ Glass Menagerie, the Theater Guild On-The-Air production starring Helen Hayes and Montgomery Clift – (applause) – (music) – Helping to build a better America through better steels and better products of steel is the job of the industrial family that serves the nation, United States Steel. Look for our trademark, USS, on any steel product. It’s your guide to quality steel – (swelling music) – And now as the lights go down at the Belasco Theater in New York, here speaking for the Theater Guild one of America’s foremost theatrical producers, he’s our guest narrator, the rising young broadway star Elliot Reid – (applause) 

I took my dog and my gun to the train tracks and shot at vultures while watching the sun pass Christ-like through the clouds. I felt a hot itch in my blood and I wanted to do something bad. I wanted to listen to Johnny Cash and ride a boxcar away from this country. I could ride that rail straight to the Pacific and then dive out into a sea of blue and swim straight off the cliff at the edge of the world.

My spirits are low. I am mad at James Dean. I watched “The Dark, Dark Hours” and James acted like an amateur. He looked like a kid and he parodied himself. He was also very good at basketball and I was never very good at basketball. I feel like Sal Mineo – my carefully constructed complexes are falling apart.

Pax Americana – the everlasting glory of the industrialized nation-state that reigns over the world. I am a lucky, low-spirited man.