Patron Codependent

by dschapman

I listened to Nelly in a song featuring the artist Tim McGraw and it made me nostalgic for a feeling I had never had. I thought of a girl in town that I have loved for years. She does not know my name. The song reminded me of her. I have developed feelings of feelings, nostalgias of fictions I have constructed in lieu of real nostalgias. It is then just fiction, after all. We are all alike and virtual. I am bald in a vast crystal desert and I can see right through the layers of the earth to the molten core. The tall bronze champion of the river civilization led me through the forest to his secret cove, where the secret treasures sat, soaking in the lukewarm waters, full of ice and golden-flaked; we thought too hard, so hard we lost our thoughts again, and laughed together dripping-wet until the sun set, then we ran naked through the sand for the fire, by which we got drunk.

I guess you could say that was a real low point for me. That was a real low point in my life. I guess you could say that was as bas as it got. But at least I had family. And at least I was safe.