Running – Underground

by dschapman

Way down low, where we have been before, looking up at the rest of the world through the cracks between the floorboards; when we stiffed that pizza place, what did we expect to happen? The roads were empty that night. There were no threats in the entire known universe. Dinner in an hour. I will probably not be home for dinner. I talked perfectly fine but I was not feeling all together. A movie in the background but I can’t pay attention. My limbs thin out and ache. I should have applied for work today. I should have written an article. I should have gotten up with the sun and gone out with the sunset and enmeshed myself with the rest of the world, with other people. Other people make me nervous. I love them and I can not stand them, and I wonder if I am really part of this earth. I feel so airy I could dissipate. Helium blooms; up the waterfall, rising, into the stratosphere, where they keep the certain kind of birds and bacteria, the real cold samples, fully Concorde.