Irregular Heartbeat In The Upper Left Side Of The Body

by dschapman

In An Empty Village In The Island Of The Empty Saints

The animals were ridden one by one to be slaughtered. They were useless to the army. There was so much plunder and so many spoils a triumph wasn’t necessary – but there would be a triumph. The North would have a regular old parade, full of earth-shaking and preponderance.

Over a century later, The Bangles, a four-woman band of musicians formed as part of the Paisley Underground movement in Los Angeles, California , performing such mercurial ballads as “Hazy Shade Of Winter” and “Walk Like An Egyptian” in a four-year streak of chart-dominating crocodile-gnashing celebrity.

Their music made it all the way to Miami, Florida, an ancient coastal city and the seat of Miami-Dade County.

I’ve stepped on fairly sandy floors in Miami-Dade County.

Someone described what happened when the people stood up on chairs and started dancing. Everyone held their hands in the air and a few particularly rich men were reclining in leather booths that were freshly upholstered in 2011.

I have finally figured it all out. I can make sense of it all now. The Church exists because it integrated with Rome at a time in which Rome as a geographical entity ceased to exist, given its land away entirely to its “allies,” and was only a legal, and now spiritual, system. What authority Rome had remained legal-papal, and the tradition continued. We are all part of the Church today, and we are all Romans. I jump in the air and kick my feet together, “We are all Romans!”